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Chat with Coach Khayr

pic of Coach Khayr Love
Coach Khayr among his friends, books of knowledge

The video reflects the final part of a 30 minute talk captured on Zoom.us. The audio includes the entire conversation, and Coach Khayr starts speaking in depth after 17-18 mins. (approx.)


Due to technology challenges, this video is part two of a conversation with Sifu Khayr Love (also known as Coach Khayr) that begins with me sharing at length about each of the nine principles.

Because I had to split the chat in two, this segment  reflects my sharing the last two principles for loving living. Although time was short, Coach Khayr responded by dropping so much knowledge from his treasure trove of mind-heart-spirit that I found myself taking notes and being unable to complete subtitles for you viewers to follow up on as well.

I am honored to have reasoned with him about spiritual topics we both deem essential to human development. The nine principles are evident in every facet of his brilliance, and you can visit these websites for more gems, journeying, discovery and guidance:

Visit the site of his esteemed teachers, Kathy and Dr. Mitchell Gibson: http://tybro.com/kcaa-radio

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