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Nine Principles for Loving Living is based on the opening words (“The Key”) of the ancient text, The Reading (or Recitation), better known as the Qur’an.

The Key is an outline for living a loving and fulfilled life, hence the “loving living” part of the title. It is a prayer, salutation, meditation, and chant that contains “first principles” which can help anyone who chooses to recite it.

Author Niamo N. Muid has found that the principles within the Key are a message for all the world’s people, whether they subscribe to the Qur’an or not.

To her, the nine principles are like philosophical engines of human power and organic growth.

Organic growth means every Thing–made of natural physical matter or human concept–is designed to become its largest iteration and ultimate reality.

In two words, everything grows.

Then, after growing to full “flower,” an expected demise renders every Thing dust–or a forgotten nothingness. The material, physical, and intellectual things return to the vast space-time-continuum from which they came.

In two words, everything transforms.

Readers and believers in our highest potential are invited to grow closer to peace and to one another, and, by following the nine principles, to live a higher quality of life marked by understanding, contentment, and sharing.

The principles are divided into nine book chapters:

  1. NAME
  4. UNIFY
  5. SERVE
  6. ASK
  8. PUSH

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