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Learning to Love by Victoria L. White

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This is a Unify, Praise, Ask and Receive Conversation.

I am reading this delightful book titled, Learning to Love, and the Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships. The author provides the context and sets up the workbook aspect which is supported by how-to sections by her life partner, Shalom Mechizedek.

Two chapters into this self-published book, and already I am smitten. What stands out is the clarity with which Ms. White speaks the truth of life’s wisdom. She doesn’t belabor or bemoan her truth, she simply writes about the essentials and you can tell she is sharing from experience.

When you don’t have the understanding of who you are and an understanding of love you will always be internally or externally working to catch up and engage with another from the level in which they are interacting with you at. And vice versa, if you do have an understanding of who you are and knowingness that you are love and choose to engage with someone who has not come to know this for him or herself they will always be working to catch up with you. This will ultimately create experiences of lower vibrations within the relationship such as guilt, anger, disappointment and sometimes leads to a toxic relationship which will ultimately result in its ending and perceived heart break. The idea of heart break is spoken of in relation to love, but you were never truly in a state of love or you wouldn’t be experiencing heart break, instead you are experiencing the withdrawal of an ego attachment you had to the person. The person is no longer accessible to feed the voids within you and cater to demands of your ego needs. On the flip side, if you were truly existing in a state of love with another person and the relationship some how came to an end you would understand that no perceived love was lost, because love cannot be destroyed or denatured, it is a perpetual state. (sic)

Free chapters of the book are available from the couple’s company, Youniversal Publishing. Cost is $33+ hard cover; $21+ soft cover.

Ms.White’s first book, Staying Alive through Twenty-Five, is a memoir about discovering love, sex, purpose, and spirituality. The book invites you to journey with her as she navigates the unpredictable shifts of life, while discovering what it means to be a new transplant in the city of dreams, The Big Apple (NYC). Cost is $19.95 soft cover; $14.95 E-book.

Both books are available on her website, but only the first one is available through Amazon and other outlets.

In addition, Shalom Melchizedek’s meditation podcast focused on self-help and relationships, Heal with Melchizedek, is available on the site.

“All experiences are to serve ourselves in a higher way, if we are open to it,” he says on the podcast I recently listened to.

For this couple to be sharing themselves in a way I would have expected from much older couples is quite heartening. They also teach meditation classes for children, youth, adults and groups. And the couple call their love-child, Jacob Victorious, The Meditation Baby.

I feel like they are “bringing up the rear” in a way I couldn’t have hoped for and am pleased to acknowledge. The Baby Boomers of my generation need not fear our future, as long as it’s in the hands of folks like these.

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