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Energetic Apartheid

pic of me and Teotihuacán pyramid light on reiki bk
My visit to Mexico City in May 2017 included a stop at the stupendous Teotihuacán pyramid in San Juan, Mexico.


My new book Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism should be completed shortly. Here are outtakes that I AM NOT INCLUDING. They require a different book.


Energetic apartheid (EA) is a term that identifies a distinct layer of oppression. It occurs when black people’s energy appears inconsequential or nonexistent, and their ownership of their unique expression of Light is unacknowledged in discourse about universal healing energy. It is evident in information that is freely distributed in health food stores and at metaphysical fairs. There is redlining in advertising and content (I know from personal experience). No one likes to be shut off or ignored, and no one should be. Forget about scholarly or instructional literature.

This book asserts black people feel strongly and deeply because of their legacy and sojourn. As a collective, they do not operate under the assumption of automatic acceptance of their ideas. They have come to expect their contributions to be resisted or rejected. They tend to suppress how they really feel and think in diverse settings where group leaders are of European or Arabian background. This suppression carries a wounding of the spirit that they have learned to transmute into an elevation of spirit that helps to heal the wounds. Yet, they may seem resigned to external oppression, or to thoughts that maintain an inner oppression.

Individuals who repel oppressive conditions by being “twice as good” risk becoming a tool that belittles their fitness, equivalence, and progress in the eyes of those who test them: “You were chattel, how can you be an astronaut?” “You were counted as 3/5 of a person in the 13th Amendment!”  There is never an even match because the premise —to be like those in power—is faulty. Needing to be “twice as good” in order to be considered equal was an historically appropriate approach, but is no longer.

Those with knowledge of the unseen repel EA differently. They overcome it by shining light on the truth, and speaking that truth to apparitions of power. Appreciation of the unseen informs their wisdom. More and more black people use what they have gained from this realm, through study of metaphysical sciences and treading spiritual and religious paths, to release themselves from physical and psychological bondage. They exercise their highly developed natural energeticism, made strong by continuously battling oppression. It is this energeticism that I seek to introduce and briefly discuss through the Secrets of Black Energy.

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