Excerpt from Chapter 2

The objective of the Praise principle is to make you as the worthy human being feel good to be alive. While giving good words to another, you are the true recipient of the result. Praising or recognizing the good in a situation has the same effect. Giving praise puts you in a higher position than you were in before. Praise words are the oral ingredients of the “attitude of gratitude” many teachers tout as a sure way to improve one’s situation. Praise is a French-derived word that seeped into English during the 300 years the two languages coexisted in Britain. The dictionary meaning of praise, as a verb, is to express admiration or approval. This is an empowering and self-generating act. Praising gives voice to the otherwise unexpressed acknowledgment and commendation of others.
This principle works with Name as a way to express inner feelings of satisfaction, want and desire, exerting the power that Name may only hint at.  We see the effects of Praise when we bestow it on children and the young at heart for desirable behavior or as a reward for accomplishment. They happily accept this spoken gift and glow in response.  In the brain, praise words evoke an increase in levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Good feelings and a happier disposition result for the receiver of praise, while praise-word vibrations fortify the vocal chords of the speaker and emboldened his or her convictions.


The raising of emotions and expanding of vocal motion is a response to the same kind of energy frequencies of which musical sound, radio waves and electromagnetic waves are composed. You could say a praise word puts out audible feelers, and its vibratory frequency is a function of all matter being energy and all energy being Spirit, that is, originating from a radiating, generating universe or state of oneness. Coming from the Source in this way, Praise is therefore capable of creating and making great change. This is what makes it so powerful a universal law and irreplaceable tool for loving living. (….continued)


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