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Success is not God

pic of my dollar store ribbon cutting

This is a Unify conversation.

GOD. This post will take you to God if you so wish. I am only feeling myself as a part of multiverse creation, and everything seems so right in this space. The squeeze or flinch against winds of change last only a moment, and I recover like bamboo and grow stronger. The marshy mud under my feet seems like it can’t hold me up—can’t hold me to commitments, dreams, aspirations, goals—but I know the core underneath IS rock solid. It IS what I’m made of and built for, and IT is where I am returning.

So, praise God for bringing me awareness of breath and consciousness and what they mean to me, as pointers on the compass this body-mind is, to set true north when I need to be reminded.

Success is not money. Success is not friends. Success is not family. I have been let down by each of these, that is, let down in my striving to attain a measure of harmony, balance and integrity in my dealings in these areas. The biggest smack down in the money area was the fantastic failure of owning a dollar store, which I’ve described in my book Nine Principles for Loving Living. In that instance, I was seeking admiration and gratification under the guise of serving community through entrepreneurship.

I see no other way for dignity to be conferred except by releasing all notions of it. There is no guarantee of correctness in work or love, because there is always human error and blind spot. For this reason the journey—the method for taking steps on the path— is effacing the weaknesses and filling in spots with what is holy.

Holy ideas are what make me feel whole. Holy things are talismans and crystals, altars and uniforms, and I’ve used them all on my HealMobile journey. Used them and released them as one holy item replaced another, or as I realized the thing was not holy, my attitude was.

Rather than seeing the accumulation and confirmation of powerful, holy things that help me to advance, I see their usage as automatic. I feel like part of nature, using elements and succumbing and blossoming as nature requires. I feel in sync and rhythmic, in harmony and in humbling descent as I rise on the continuum.

Success for me is thus a divine, natural concept quite unlike the aggressive push toward accumulation that confronts me from wannabe mentors, social media and the news.

I find myself asking, How can I expect unhappy people to show me the way to success? I’ve paid my dues like a lonely musician, and am now going to do my own thing which means, be me. I want happiness for everyone, especially those least inclined to realize they have access to it. I am linking my success to my service, and inside of this paradigm God’s provision is always supreme.

Further, I am aligning my will with the service markers of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental decanates of my being, even as I understand them as mere markers, not willful potentiates with powers of their own. My wholeness is holy when I serve my spiritual connection, my emotional playground, the needs of my body and the livelihood of my mind. Breathing is how God maintains my spirit, and it is from this original gift of life that all other aspects of being generate.

In recognizing we all breathe, and in teaching and sharing how to breathe deeply, I am successfully applying all that I know to the most fundamental aspect of life. This has me loving living even more, because everyone whose world joins mine participates in this lush, always giving, appreciation of existence.

This is the way towards unity, because when people breathe together, cry and laugh together, and bend bodies together, then they can become flexible and understanding of one another’s views. This cannot happen if people hide behind material wealth. Or if we follow people for whom material wealth is the arbiter and proof of success.

People talk about giving back, and this notion is from the Have perspective. The falsehood here is the Haves do not truly possess or own holy, happy or God-concepts. Giving in is how to look at the balancing of material wealth among Haves and Have-nots. To give in means to look more closely at one’s motives, then to give when one has released the materialist aspects and expectations governing those motives. Because wealth and people (employees) afford the Haves a good deal of “free” time, they have the wherewithal to give in. The challenge is how to give of the inner-standing they have attained, when what most people want to know is how to gain material wealth.

Most have summed up the answer in a few words: Give of yourself. The true wealth of loving life does not come without commitment to Spirit, and this commitment feeds emotional, body and mental responsiveness and health. True success is resilience and appreciation, intertwined like some perfect metaphor I cannot quite utter in this moment.

Remember (meditate on) God frequently, says the Qur’an, that you may succeed. The resilience and appreciation are the ways we Have and Have nots acknowledge change, flow with it or not, and are grateful for it in the sense of being content and at peace. What God possesses is far better than the entertainment or the business. God is the Best Provider. (Jumu’ah 62:10-11)

You may hold these statements as religion. I have said elsewhere that religion is for God, and is not the same as displays of religiosity. Once the mass of humans accept the universality of God-concepts, they can respect one another more easily.

Whether we believe or not, care or not, the above guidance offers a formula. To succeed is a matter of consistently remembering that which is holy. This remembering takes many forms. It could be meditation, prayer, movement and chanting — all to strengthen one’s connection with the holy. The next step is sharing holistically with those who believe they are less whole.

This is the Serve imperative that follows Unify in the nine principles for loving living come in. The principles are: Name, Praise, Master, Unify, Serve, Ask, Receive, Push, Expand.


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