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The GOD Concept



Nothing happens to you except in accordance with GOD’S will.
Anyone who believes in GOD, He will guide his heart.
GOD is fully aware of all things. HQ 64:14

This is a Unify conversation.

I want to apologize for being misunderstood. I have a belief in the high spiritual concept that many insist is unknowable and unfathomable. I agree with you. GOD is impossible to know.

I find myself in situations where I hear people denouncing the GOD concept in favor of the ancestors. I agree they are amazing. Yet ancestors are created unlike the GOD concept of my understanding.

Often people reference the deconstruction of ancient African knowledge, acknowledged as Kmet or Kemet. I am listening to a talk (the video is above)– The Dogon – Kemetic Masters of The Universe by Booker T Coleman. His primary reference, he says, is The Shabaka Stone.

We want our hearts to be guided, as the scripture above states. The guidance of the heart is what leads us to unify with one another, even if we cannot fully understand the information that is being shared with us. If you’re like me even a smidgen, you will find this lack of 100% comprehension tickling your senses quite often in this Booker T. Coleman video.

Some highlights:

  • Pluto is not a planet (at the time of the video it was still classified as such)
  • The twinness of the Dogon is a reference to male-female
  • Sirius B is an “invisible” tiny star (kiri-uzi) that rotates around Sirius A every 50 years
  • Dogon knew this, and much much more, before the 13th century C.E.
  • The Dogon are from “the eastern place of great waters” and their cosmology is similar to Kmet’s
  • Africans are one people no matter where they come from; all roads point to Kmet
  • Humans descended from Africans, yet Big Media and Big Publishing purposely downplay African origin stories and wisdom

In addition, Coleman denies the GOD concept, discusses an original trinity concept, and later references “God” in familiar parlance, as if his meaning is understood. I hear this lack of clarity often with Africana scholars. They tend to collapse GOD alone with Jesus or Yeshua the Christ legacy.

It’s as if they cannot appreciate the unifying and rhythmic intelligence they point out as characteristically African, as a legitimate and wise spiritual worldview. This, to me, “obvious” GOD-ness of life is also discussed in Nine Principles for Loving Living.

For his part, Coleman gave an interesting view of the Prophet Muhammad’s sojourn to Kmet after receiving his revelation, the Quran. He didn’t name the prophet, but “sent blessings” on him as Muslims would, calling him a black man. He intimated Kmet was the only place enlightened enough to accept Muhammad at the time. To call Ethiopia of the 600s C.E. Kmet was indeed a unique twist.

And yet while he acknowledged scriptures of people all over the world, Coleman added, “I don’t know if they are revelatory.” We usually give then take back when we haven’t fully given wholeheartedly. Such is the nature of academia as it bumps heads with spirituality and Spirit.

I will not deny brilliance because of slip-ups in expression and reasoning. We all grow, express and shine with varying intensity and depth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I have enjoyed videos with Dr. Coleman (new name–Kaba Hiawatha Kamene)  in the past. You enjoy this one.

Pic of Fractal Brainwave activity
Fractal brain waves

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