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Introducing Kendall Khalilah

I am working on a video featuring Kendall Khalilah, “English is Spell-Casting Language: The Power and Penalty in Spoken-Word English.” 

This is  PUSH conversation. As The HealMobile I love hearing the different ways Descendants of African Slaves heal themselves, and have managed and mastered a hostile social environment.

(As an energy service, the HealMobile provides support for you to feel better about when you find yourself at a crossroads in life; and you can visit the website to learn more.) 

Clarity precedes clout, and this is why from time to time I invite speakers to shed light on their scope of the world and how we function within it.

Khalilah Kendall discusses how to grasp the essence of miseducation by looking at an important educational tool —the dictionary— and the common words we use and misuse. She also touches on homeschooling, as she is a master home schooler.

    • We’ve been taught that learning the language and using it properly can liberate us. The more words you know, the higher up the success ladder you go.
    • Then Hip-Hop/Spoken Word artists turned that on its head and made a lot of money for the record business. Yet many find themselves working as paid slaves.
    • Meanwhile, those with PhD’s may find a job at the post office and even that work is shrinking.
    • Neither group was prepared to jump through so many hoops to find respect, acceptance and freedom.
    • This is because whether we spit or not; are scholars or not; there are many dimensions to misunderstanding English that cause improper use and therefore misguidance.
    • The result is “we cannot use words to reframe our lives properly and to attain mental freedom.” 
    • Or we can, but this has to be a super-conscious endeavor.

The downloadable PDF is a glimpse of KK’s thinking. The audio is in the works and will be uploaded with time. (1/10/2018)

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