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How To Dispel Negativity? The Crab Factor!


The Evil That Persists … And What To Do About It

(Using the Name Principle)

When the memories that inhabit our consciousness are expanded to the point of being cinematic horror shows that we believe in, we have gone past the point of right thinking into the realm of wrong thinking or poisoned awareness.

If we cloud our vision with past hurt and present fear, how can we earn clarity, righteousness, advantages and blessings (CRAB)?

Even with no reference to astrology, the lion, monkey, bee, dog and cat are often cited to symbolize how humans move –and shake– in the world. The crab is rarely mentioned and it seems to me now that we may have missed something that’s NOT buried in the sand.

Crabs are known for holding onto memory, and for not being direct in pursuing their aims. 

Their immersion in salt water helps to clean off sand, and in our terms, to cleanse, rinse off and clarify the meaning of the past (all those sand grains that keep appearing long after the beach trip).

This is why the C in crab stands for clarity.

When it returns from the sands to its home in the water, the crab moves from side to side as it walks, seeking its balance. In astrology, Cancers are known for ordering, balancing, setting things right, and gathering things for the home. Their focus is domestic. They are pre-emptive and cautious; they take care of themselves at home, before they go out.

The R is for righteousness in the word crab. 

Being right always starts with oneself, and it is fitting that this should be related to one’s home. This is akin to the saying that charity begins at home. 

Another aspect of the sign Cancer which can help everyone is its inclination to take advantage.

This is the A in the word crab.

The quality of being protective, yet clearly seeing opportunity and stepping out to grab that opportunity, is a quality that many of us would do well to cultivate. Notice we must be clear and righteous first before using our advantage from within the protection of our homebase.

The evil cannot persist if conditions resist it. Negative thoughts, feelings and energies cannot grab hold when we are clear, righteous and advantaged. 

Don’t forget the crab is blessed with a shell. This is the B in the word Crab.

The shell is both protective and luminous to the viewer. It appears as bright in the sunlight and attractive in color. The blessing is that those  who don’t know it cannot mess with it; outsiders cannot get in. 

Of course there’s the danger of keeping everything within and producing emotional build-up that results in the term “crabby.” We all do this no matter what our sign.

The real reason people are crabby is they want to keep the evil out.

They have had enough. So the work of the crab is to stay in the ocean for as long as needed to be cleansed and revived. 

For all of us, this is the message: be immersed in salt water. Establish a weekly or monthly ritual that douses you in salt water. Summer is gone in the northern parts of the country and a trip to the ocean may not be an option. 

Not to worry. There are other ways to cleanse, rinse and protect yourself. Add sea salt to a pitcher of water in the shower or bath. It may be as simple as rolling in hay or rolling in a pile of leaves. Taking a hike and being happy when you fall, getting over your hurt or surprise easily.

It IS as simple as venturing forth to commune with nature and let it envelop you. 

Be a C.R.A.B. sometimes. Clear, righteous, advantaged and blessed. See if this shell or shielding perspective helps to force the retreat of negativity and nonsense evils.

Note that the “s” in shell prevents any “hell” in your awareness. ;-D

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