Healing and Repair

Yes I am still loving living!

pic of Oola Bus and niamo
Hanging out at a Young Living Essential Oils event

(A This-Is-How-I Serve Conversation)

Despite the nonsense, angst, worry, and distractions, I am focused on the message of Oneness and my commitment to serving God Alone.

And I admit that even when I say this, or write this, I get the feeling somehow that I am falling short of this goal.

Feeling has a way of inserting itself into my awareness and lets me know that my truth-telling contains a lie.

I feel uncomfortable, as if I must take a backward step from putting a truth out there that I do not totally adhere to, or, in the moment, am not completely immersed in.

It is this physical reality of body composition that has me feeling at all. It is the nature of flesh to be impressed with forces of nature and pins of electricity. Feeling a pressing down on my body, let’s say in my stomach, or the prick of a small pin in the arm leg or back, are ways I become aware of this vessel as a form of temporary housing.

It is like knowing you’re going to get a new home but having to move to a temporary home that is really not outfitted the way it should be, and structurally deficient. But it is housing, and it can shield you, and you have to respect it.

This is the body relative to the home of the spheres, where no temporary housing exists and feeling itself is nonexistent. If if the soul has been properly prepared, feelings have been overtaken by a permanent spiritual connection, and the mind-body are unified in this new place that never changes.

To talk about it is to aspire to it. To talk about it does not mean that I’m not living a normal life with ups and downs and curiosities. I am still feeling my way, and using my seven senses (described on TheHealMobile.com/blog).

THIS IS ALL TO SAY I miss you and intend to stay in better touch. I have been living the nine principles and its been both joyous and heart-rending. Somehow my heart repairs itself, for which I’m thankful to God.

Here are some recent activities:

Radio show with Shahid Abdullah. On this show I discuss the HealMobile Ministry of energy services and essential oils.

Weekly HealMobile Group meetings. These are attended by members of Young Living Essential Oils in my downline. To become a member is $45.

Live Your Passion Young Living Essential Oils Rally in Lindenhurst, NY Pictured above; took place in January. You can browse all my YL essential oils available here.

Housing responsibilities — providing for people without homes. I had to submit to the fact that I’m now a landlord, blessed with homes left by mother and father.

Reiki Training Manual. I’ve been teaching Reiki for three years and I would like to complete a manual that includes the nine principles to give students. The next class is March 18-19, 2017. Register here if interested (scroll down).

New women’s products. I’ve added these green products for the womb to the essential oils I recommend for women.

I hope you will subscribe to both of my websites; this one and TheHealMobile.com.

Many blessings and peace with love and tolerance for all people even when they seem most clueless!



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