Healing and Repair, Universal Laws

Increase Tolerance

Using the 9 Principles

The way I do it is to run through the principles in my mind, find the application to the situation at hand, and arrive at a place of expansion that dissipates worry, fear and anger.

This is an update of how you personally may master the current government overhaul at hand or by the pen of a new president, who Liberals tend to dislike and Conservatives tend to be enamored of.

It doesn’t matter which group is the majority, the fact is one group is writing or un-writing or re-writing legislation and policies in such a way that many are up in arms (literally and figuratively).

So how does one use the 9 principles to prevent the situation from becoming uglier? Before you proclaim it has to get worse before it gets better, do consider:

  1. NAME Rename this climate in such a way you are informed of the next step. This is different from name-calling and instead is about calling the spade a spade: Cat’s out the bag. Chickens come home to roost. Better the obvious enemy than the hidden one. #NotMyPresident. Of course, you will have to get rid of anger and fear before clarity and a new name sets in. That’s the energy of Push, principle #8.
  2. PRAISE Find the good in the present; the gift that the current changes point to. This step can only come after you have renamed the situation to better acknowledge its potential for opportunity.
  3. MASTER This step moves you towards responsibility. You fashion and shape the outcome using skill to affect situations for the better. You recognize the architect and designer you are of your world. Most importantly, you realize perception is an excellent tool to facilitate mastery of self and the unpredictable.
  4. UNIFY Here we are, loosely linked individuals who accept maturity and realize we must work with those unlike ourselves. Guess what? There’s a lot of those unlike us within our families and neighborhoods. This where  to unify our efforts.
  5. SERVE What are you giving away that you love, that you really want to keep. My hoarding? Pride. What’s yours? Give that away and/or reduce it to something another can use. Serving others takes many forms and makes you cleaner spiritually and socially. Purification is a virtue.
  6. ASK Tied into serving is asking how best to contribute, possess or correct. If you already have a mastery of your sense of self –able to generate joy at will 100%– you may not have to ask what you can do to help. I would love to meet you.
  7. RECEIVE This principle is the state we believe we are in when life is going as planned or expected. This must also become the steady state of acceptance that allows what life gives to express itself fully. ARE you expressed fully in naming, praising, mastering, unifying with, serving, asking for and receiving what life has given?.
  8. PUSH This linear discourse (#7) is orderly, yet life is constantly pitching curve balls through quizzes and tests of our adherence to optimism. A knocking opportunity requires that we push open the jammed door or break through the glass (door or ceiling). We often don’t recognize Mr. Op and confuse him with the Mr. Wizard of Oz.
  9. EXPAND Whatever happens is a form of expansion of what was. What seems new is an expansion of what we thought was old and gone. Every  living thing lives and dies, and it is the cycle that is everlasting, ever-evolving and expanding. This is a scientific and scriptural truth.

So we must move on from the shock. From Name through Expand, the status quo, though shaken, is going to improve as it undergoes transformation. Your status quo, the government’s, the state’s, the board of education, the V.A., whatever!

At minimum, you will find yourself becoming an usher of change at the social, governmental and planetary levels. 

If you deny your role as a change agent, you just may make yourself sick.

The real reason you may worry is because you are harsh on yourself and don’t believe you are up to the task.

I assert that you ARE, and further declare this work begins in your heart and in your homes, spinning out from there.

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