Excerpt from Chapter 4 (p. 99)

THE USES OF RHYTHM. Earlier I cited the presence of cycles and the spiraling aspects of life. All have come from somewhere and all are going somewhere; this is circular like a spiral. This motion reflects the dynamism in You Alone. The universe as a creation is comprised of the alpha and the omega (HQ 57:3), the knowable and the unknowable. You Alone is that which holds it tightly together in an unfathomable structure dotted by constellations of heavenly bodies in perpetual, orchestrated motion. The music or “rhythm of the spheres” is a metaphor for “being in step” and demonstrating oneness and wholeness. Repetition is cyclic and integral to being in step. The steps mirror the continuous chains of DNA and RNA from which our genes are composed and formed in spirals of messages, codes and information. You Alone, which some call God, is responsible for this structure, since the human being cannot make it no matter how hard he tries. However, the steps, patterns and rhythm are imitable and it is their repetitive and intricate nature that holds us and our physical world together as low-vibrating matter.
You Alone, You Alone, said twice as a pulse and consummating in Unify, requires us to imitate the cyclic patterns. “Be here now” is an echo or mantra from the ancients that first appeared in the West through Ram Das in the 1960s. This was the era of hippies, feminism, Black revolutionaries, and mass resistance to war, oppression and patriarchal capitalism. People lived in the now and the now was all that mattered. Be-here-now is being in rhythm and reflects the condition of each step of the genealogical and DNA ladder. Each is complete unto itself and gives a useful and enlightening perspective on the journey up the ladder. At the same time that you who are taking a step and striving to be in step, you are finding your rhythm, adding your own unique footprint and imprint, to the endeavor. Getting in lock-step with group desires is characteristic of unifying with organizations such as PTAs or church groups, political clubs, support groups, or closer to home, with loved ones.
Be-here-now also lets you know what step is being requested of you. Being “in the moment” and using “mindfulness” are ways the concept has evolved from Zen Buddhist thought. These now-moment-mindful efforts use Name, Praise, and Master principles to synchronize and Unify. They acknowledge the internal and external rhythm of the spheres. Those who possess a sense of rhythm externalize this coming-to-oneness.
Some say high-melanin people have enhanced access to rhythm as a tool on the spiritual journey. All people dance in some way. Rhythm is how to hold, incubate and spring anew; it is the physical body motion of each heartbeat, rest and heartbeat again. Body systems generally function like a dance that allows each participant—cell, molecule, enzyme, and chemical constituent—to lead, exhibit and repose as necessary. Unify can take on a specific, dance-oriented character.
In purely social settings, those who express strong rhythm skills are usually celebrating with no special goals in mind. If occasion is a ritual or commemorative, such as a drum roll or welcome dance, musicians, dancers and listeners may go into the You Alone state—possession. This is a body-mind-spirit and emotional unification with the All Powerful, or emissaries and angels. A different mannerism and voice may supplant the dancer’s own and reflect another persona.  It is because people can “lose themselves” that certain ritual dance, and other magical or mystical dance forms, is not sanctioned by some groups. The Whirling Dervishes dance to unify in such a way that the individual dancer’s loss of self-consciousness is taken up by the meditative dance movement that is in-the-moment as well as sometimes choreographed.
One does not have to dance to display or possess rhythm. Recognizing the flow of humming systems, be they manmade or of nature, is what is important. Hearing that beauty, that harmony that speaks in every environment or in silence, confirms for you the direction of your next step. The hearing faculty is more acute when there is humility with regard to The Oneness and Source of All. This is why the blind hear so much better than the seeing. Each of the senses hears when there is tuning up of the listening to the rhythm. This tuning up and tuning in strengthens the step and reinforces the motivation.
UNIFY WITH THE SELF. The purpose of life is to demonstrate that we can make the supremely satisfying choice to unify with the decisions of our Creator and be at peace with them. Using our personal will and powers of discernment (Master), we can choose to feel supremely satisfied with all that is. This helps to distinguish what we are feeling from the quasi-spiritual, temporary, and wistful way of being that is easily overshadowed by negativity or nonsense.  (….continues)
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