Healing and Repair

3 Steps to Trump Donald Trump

pic of Niamo in the dollar store
I tried to avoid this discussion, but it IS a fight to the finish.  –Rev. Niamo Nancy, a politically Independent descendant of politically Republican African immigrants who were also Garveyites, pictured at her dollar store (now closed).

1. Relax and De-stress

2. Be Active, Politically and Comfortably

3. Release and Let Go, Using Your Ace in the Hole

How about a plan that begins with individual responsibility and ends with the desired result of a better U.S.A. and world? The above three steps will trump the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency for several reasons, not least of which is eliminating worry, anger and fear from the hearts of the diverse American populace.


>The only way to relax is to de-stress first, and you must remove the stressors from your life so that you’re able to fully relax. If your life consists of a daily diet of “bad” news, you will remain in a heightened distressed state. I define bad news as information that inspires horror, distress, worry, fear of safety, knee-jerk anger and other feelings of disaffection.
>If you feel apathetic and numbed out, this is another sign of mental and emotional overload and the need to de-stress. Techniques and tips for how to de-stress and then relax are  described in other posts and on TheHealMobile.com website.


>To be comfortably active on the political scene means you accept your level of responsibility to your community and your region and you give time, money or other forms of support when you can. You may not be a volunteer for the party of your choice. You may not go door-to-door asking for votes or for signatures for a petition. You may not participate in a phone bank or attend a  gathering, party or rally in support of the issues or  candidate you’ve chosen. If you have taken time to relax and de-stress, however, you will know exactly what you are capable of and you will be comfortable that you were able to give whatever you could, be it a yearly donation or helping someone else to get to the polls.
photo from NY Public Library
Illustrious U.S. past included window jumps to avoid murder by vigilantes.
>You are part of a collective, a community that supports you in living the kind of life you want. The presumption is you are working at a job or own a businessthat helps you to keep food, clothing and shelter in place and allows you to enjoy some contentment in your life.
        If you are retired, you have even more to be thankful for and content about.
        If you are ill and have to be at home because you are disabled, but you still have your faculties, you may still be able to participate at a comfortable level  in the process of changing or influencing the political landscape for your community, region and nation.
        Political activism is community activism; it is a civil right and a civil duty.
>There was a time when only European land owners could vote and make decisions affecting everyone in their sphere of influence. The 16th century New World for European opportunity began as a colonial outpost and is now the mecca of the Western world, providing opportunity for freedom of expression and participation in all political action, despite the faults and cracks in the system and irrespective of family country of origin.
         The Founding Fathers wrote these ideals into the Declaration of Independence, and now we who would be free, in this exact moment, are charged with living it!
         Realization and expansion of this aspect of “democracy” is what you’re voting for and politically active about.


>It is time to play cards with strategy and use your “ace in the hole.” Aces are the most powerful cards in a card deck, unless beaten by trumps. This is true for several kinds of card games such as bridge, bid whist and spades.
>What’s different here is this Trump has promoted itself; it is not the card of a player who has a hand dealt by a dealer that is so strong he knows it will win the game. It is the card of a player who is a lone gunman (couldn’t resist), a Lone Ranger, a law unto himself. His motive is amassing physical/military power and material wealth, and bringing about the restoration of an iconic American greatness that has never existed and, because of its naiveté and arrogance is the butt of jokes and hateful action around the globe.
        We who reside here in the U.S. and claim citizenship must release, rejected recast this reputation.
        Here is a compassionate if predictive reason to release fear of Trump: Since his vision is short-sighted and based on falsehood, winning the presidency is destined to be a path to personal disaster for him. Megalomaniacs fall hard, as history has shown time and again.

The ace in the hole–the abyss yet black-hole promise of this situation–is that the majority of the nation’s people are too sincere, spiritual and  trusting of democracy and the political process to allow such a huge backward step to be taken. This doesn’t mean it cannot happen; what it means is rapid transformation of society would be imminent if Trump should win.

>We can be patient and let “chips fall where they may” or we can be steady and focussed about taking individual and concerted action.
>Any step “backward” would coincide with the realization that the legacy of inequality, uneven distribution of wealth, classism and other inequities in the U.S. have to be addressed and confronted, eradicated and eviscerated.
>The “ace in the hole” in stud poker is a card that’s face down on the table and represents the unknown factor. Faith, belief, trust, blind optimism–whatever you wish to call the possibility that the unknown will be better than a Trump presidency; this is the card to now slap down on the table, knowing you’ve won.
>The repair and spiritual and social salvation of the United States of America is at stake, and recognizing and doing something about this is, to put it another way, the ace up our sleeve, ready to be revealed.

I reiterate my suggestion: relax and de-stress, contribute as you can and release and let go, knowing with certainty change is coming. After playing this hand of cards in this way–the transformation may take years or generations–we should be able to celebrate together and finally, truly, be an example of leadership for humanity.

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