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Creating a new Love Life

I do not always distinguish the nine preiki-sculpturerinciples as they show up to clarify the direction of my life. Today was an interesting change from the norm because the principles kept demonstrating their universality.

NAME showed up in a training video about branding one’s business. I provide energy and essential oils services as The HealMobile, and am totally committed to being The HealMobile in people’s lives. “We’re in motion; we might as well be healthy and healing” was my original motto and I just returned to it this week.

PRAISE came up in the branding training as well. The brand has to praise the work or service performed in such a way the consumer agrees with and wants to participate with the brand. It’s called “creating influence” and hinges on generating positive emotions, that is, forms of praise.

MASTER was exemplified because the video trainer, Ryan McMorris of MyLeadSystemPro, said he learned to master Facebook to promote his business, even though he had not been on it before. “Take imperfect action,” he advised, explaining that people who want things perfect all of the time never get into action.

In Nine Principles for Loving Living I describe how applying the artist’s mindset towards making major life changes is a creative way to resolve challenges. We know artists make many mistakes before they are satisfied with a project. Yet, their dedication to the work attracts attention, sustains interest and builds respect. We can do this in our approach to life. I am definitely doing so in building The HealMobile.

UNIFY was present in a meeting I had with four HealMoble Team members two days ago. Each of us shared stories of transformation, which seemed to coincide with major “external” factors–the inability of a bridge to rectify, disabling traffic for two hours; the outage of cable TV power for 1.5 hours nightly for the past two months; a gold chain being snatched off the neck but the theft being foiled nonetheless; the hit-and-run death of an opossum near a member’s car, such that she felt safer climbing over the passenger seat to get into the car. We were unified in horror or feeling displaced and inconvenienced.

SERVE is what occurred when I worked with a friend today to use oils and remove blocks to her goal. I will send her the proper oils to use since the ones she had, although helpful, didn’t have the kind of impact that is possible. This was a free session. In another vein, I wrote emails and called several members of the HealMobile team to alert them to their status as members of our essential oil company. They are going “inactive” and it served me and them to address this.

ASK happened in an email I wrote to get information that was shared by my web master. It took effort because I’ve avoided “bothering” him since he did send me the email–I simply cannot find it. “Asking” often confronts my commitment to get things done by myself. Questions must be asked to move forward, closer and to evolve. People are often afraid of forward movement and I am still getting used to it. I heard from my Virtual Assistant today–she got power again but its still touch-and-go there in Puerto Rico. Our relationship is in the early Ask-Receive-Push and Serve to Expand period.

RECEIVE is the attitude with which I accepted new knowledge from tonight’s Aroma Freedom Technique training. In fact, my affirmation in AFT focuses on my being ready to receive my highest good. Affirmations work best when stated in the present, as if already received. The more measurably specific I am in my intention, the more challenging I find it is to be in the space of Receive. I also watched a video called “7 Tips to Rock Your FB Lives” with Keili Raven, receiving those tips with gusto.

PUSH is always featured as I clear myself within each of the above principles to really hear what life is giving me in the moment. I may have to push some of the shiny new things off of the desk.

EXPAND as the flip side of Push is also present as the tip of the upward spiral evolving my spiritual self to its highest horizon. From the Wake Up call this morning, updating and messaging on five websites for three hours and engaging with one client for two hours; to the three educational webinars–all live–that I saw today, I would say I am creating a new Love Life. That was discussed too. It starts with me and I own it.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid




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