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Removing the Slave-Master Concept

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As I embrace all aspects of myself, including rage and fear, what is available for the transformation of the universe?

I recently returned from spending eight days in Ferguson, Mo., at the Annual Summit Event of the International Black Summit. This organization’s 2016-2017 Inquiry is above.

This question demands I look at ownership of my emotions. I ask myself whether I allow myself to be owned, guided or led by others, for their benefit and at high emotional cost to my well-being.

WHAT IF I AM OWNED, and it’s not obvious?

What if you are enslaved at your job or in running your business? What if you are an elected official and realize you are actually a puppet? What is the cost to you and your family? To the community or nation?

According to the dictionary, slavery, bondage, servitude refer to involuntary subjection to another or others. Slavery emphasizes the idea of complete ownership and control by a master: to be sold into slavery. Bondage indicates a state of subjugation or captivity often involving burdensome and degrading labor: in bondage to a cruel master.

Today’s world of work is perilously close to bondage and slavery. Both employer-master and worker-slave are bound and enslaved, because one doesn’t exist without the other.

There are enlightened work relationships where the balance of power and control with labor and service is more even and harmonious; in these instances the “playing field” has changed dramatically.

However, The master enforces his/her power and the slave eventually liberates him or herself or turns violent, or surrenders to the imbalance that shames humanity.

Either way, the truth of the human spirit demands freedom.

Both have to rightfully Name the situation; Praise whatever good existed that is now complete; Master the realization of completion to prevent the system’s replication; Unify with the possibility of slave AND master freedom; Serve the greater good in small and great measure (ex., minimum wage); Ask for global leader support in dismantling enslavement-bondage; Receive opportunities  for sharpening the vision and constructing implementation; Push past necessary struggles and tests, and Expand into a new appreciation for the love and unity of the human family.

What is available in your universe if you embrace your rage and fear? The freedom of loving living is not possible in the master-slave paradigm, and both master and slave are not fully expressed as human beings because of it.

Removing the slave-master concept demands willingness to be unafraid of the rage of those who have been hurt over generations having endured what the U.N. has called a major crime against humanity.

Eliminating the slave-master concept demands acknowledgment that the master is as  injured as the slave, and fearful of and enraged by the loss of power and esteem.

This is one of the difficulties facing workplace diversity issues in North America. Those in charge have to admit there is a problem, and their attitude towards workers based on generations of “power and control” behavior, is likely the reason for the problem.

As I embrace all aspects of myself, including rage and fear, what is available for the transformation of the universe?


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