Healing and Repair, Universal Laws

Hold Each And Love!

H.E.A.L.  The HealMobile and the 9 Principles are bound together in an inextricable way. Thurgood Marshall said, “In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.” The HealMobile recognizes the humanity in you, and prays you recognize the humanity in me. Namaste.

…….Say heel-mobeeel– the first and last consonant rhyme.  It doesn’t rhyme with T-Mobile!

You are the HealMobile of your life, and I am the HealMobile of my life. We are HealMobiles populating the planet.

Heal means, Hold Each And Love, or Hold Every Aspect (of your life with) Love.

The mobile is the moving objet d’art that made Alexander Calder famous.  (Art major!)

If you are not familiar with art, think of the baby’s mobile with little animals that parents place above the crib. The mobile helps the baby focus and exercise its eyes. It is something to attract attention while the baby is not in mother’s arms.

Also, think mobile as in automobile.  The HealMobile is your self’s equivalent of the automobile. You are a miracle of motion, energy, vision, transport, and life. All of these are critical to healing at the cellular, molecular, organic, and body system levels.

The body participates in the 9 principles when it heals, shifting Name, Praise, Master, Unify, Serve, Ask, Receive, Push and Expand into high and ubiquitous gear. It knows what it’s doing when it heals and follows the universal laws flawslessly.

This same process occurs for the mind-spirit-emotional aspects of the self, all on automatic and always healing if prompted by intention.

I’m thankful!

Next time I’ll share what life has given me as an acronym for mobile.


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