Healing and Repair

A few ways I’m loving living

An “ask” and “receive” conversation

I just tweeted that racial healing is holistic healing and that nothing human is alien to me. I forgot who said that, but it rings true.

My stand is that it is healthier to be about the choice of loving living than it is to harp on the trouble in the ¬†world. At the same time, to be practical, the many mercies of love need compassionate expression and this doesn’t always happen when it comes to racially charged issues.

For the U.S. in particular, the slave-master legacy has infected society and has to be unpacked (as in baggage) “by whatever means necessary.”

Loving expression has not been chosen for the public-discourse “war chest” combatting race matters, although some humor is attempting to widen the view. ( Medium article)

I have another website, TheHealMobile.com/blog/, where I’ve written about healing modalities that can be used to address trauma. These include aroma freedom technique and emotional freedom technique (tapping).

People in the U.S. and Europe are now on the receiving end of trauma and the collective response has amounted to a syndrome and often, a disorder.

(I understand this human conflict of culture, values and religion has been going on everywhere seemingly forever, and I’m choosing this one piece to discuss right now.)

The common term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or Syndrome) seems to put the challenge at arm’s length.

This is not “post,” this is now.

I want to use aroma freedom and emotional freedom techniques to address the current trauma that has slave-master past underpinnings. Will you join me? This will be for everyone and two sessions have already been set up.

We must begin somewhere, healers!

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